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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

FVC Saskatchewan Meets Online

After a failed Skype meeting, FVC Saskatchewan members were open to trying an online meeting room and are enthusiastic about its potential.  In the meeting room, in addition to audio, there is a whiteboard to collaborate on documents or show presentations, chat, emot icons, web tours, and file transfer.  The online room has video capabilities as well but that it is typically used briefly during an introduction as it demands band width.  As wonderful as its features are though, the best thing it does is remove the tyranny of Saskatchewan geography.  Members can join from the comfort of their own home—no travel required so if is environmentally friendly.

In the February 11 meeting, a new executive was assembled.  Nancy Carswell and Rick Sawa accepted nominations to be co-spokespersons and Dave Walther is treasurer-organizer. Many thanks to past members, especially Past President Gord Hunter for carrying the torch of democracy.

Walther is eager to capitalize on the grassroots momentum in Moose Jaw.  While FVC is currently offering three petitions, Walther urged the group to focus on the "FairElectoral Representation: Petition to the House of Commons

An educator, Carswell is very interested in the power of video to help people understand how proportional representation is better than Canada's first-past-the-post system.  She hopes to have a video done in time to meet FVC Video Contest deadline of April 11.  Contest details available at

Interested in a democracy where every vote counts.  Join us.  Our email is

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