Declaration of Voter's Rights

Monday, January 25, 2010

Watch This Space

Planning is underway to schedule our Annual General Meeting which we will hold in two parts. The first in Regina and the second in Saskatoon.

All of our Executive positions are up for re-election so we will be looking for interested Fair Vote members to let their names stand. We are hoping for a good turnout.

Please check back and we will post meeting details and information on the nomination process as soon as we have more information.

Photos from the rally in Saskatoon

Thanks to Greg Horsburgh for the photos

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pictures from the Rally in Regina

Fair Vote Saskatchewan Chapter visible at Anti Proroguation Rallies

In Saskatchewan Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament held rallies in three cities. Representatives from the Saskatchewan Chapter of Fair Vote Canada attended all three.

In Regina the rally was held on the Scarth Street Mall and a couple of independent counts put the crowd at 300 plus. Despite the wind tunnel created by the down town high-rises, the crowd was engaged and boisterous. Two members of our Chapter executive spoke to the crowd wearing their other hats. Mike Burton a Political Science Masters Student and Larissa Shasko who is the leader of the Green Party in Saskatchewan.
Electoral reform was spoken of by several speakers and Dr. Joyce Green from the U of R was particularly persuasive about it in her presentation. We had five people from the Saskatchewan Chapter at the rally and we managed to hand out all the leaflets we had and we gathered 132 signatures on the Declaration.

Saskatoon’s rally was held outside City Hall in the blowing snow but despite the weather, 450 people turned out. We were a little light on the ground in Saskatoon but all the leaflets were handed out and well received. Proportional representation and Fair Vote Canada specifically was talked about by speakers. No declarations were gathered.

An indoor rally was held in Prince Albert, those guys know how to beat the cold weather. About fifty people braved the storm to attend, thirty three of those signed the declaration and we distributed leaflets.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament

Fair Vote Canada supporters are attend the anti-proroguing rallies all across Canada today distributing leaflets and encouraging participants that one way to encourage change is to join Fair Vote Canada.

In Saskatchewan, our Chapter will be distributing materials in Prince Albert, Saskatoon and Regina.

We hope to see you there on this snowy Saturday afternoon.