Declaration of Voter's Rights

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Thanks to co-spokesperson Lee Ward, Saskatchewan Chapter of Fair Vote Canada was part of the University of Regina Students’ Union "Get Out and Vote" campaign. The goal of the campaign is to encourage young people to vote by talking to them rather than at them. I feel our "Mock Vote/Go Vote" session achieved this goal. Having learned my lesson, I did the simplest of mixed-member proportional (MMP) vote. This was the ballot.

After my FVC presentation, analyzing the results from our mock vote, and Dennis Pilon's video, the group discussion was encouraging as no one opposed proportional representation and the questions focused on logistics and which type to implement.

Lee Ward with students at mock vote.

I was pleased that someone in the crowd said it before I did.
  • First, go vote.
  • Second, on October 19th please vote for a candidate committed to PR so that hopefully in future elections all votes will count.
Nancy Carswell, Co-spokesperson Fair Vote Canada Saskatchewan Chapter