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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Message from Don Mitchell

Saskatchewan progressives want to be share in the leadership of the movement for democratic reforms led by Fair Vote Canada (FVC). We urged Gord Hunter to seek a seat on the FVC National Council because he has great communication skills, understands the failures of the present electoral system, and has committed his time and energy to making change. Gord brings a long history of leadership and organizing experience from his work with trade unions. He has lived and worked in different provinces and so has a large network of contacts from right across Canada.

We are fortunate that Gord decided to remain in Saskatchewan following his retirement. As provincial vice-president of the re-invigorated FVC- Saskatchewan Chapter, Gord has been a big part of our recent organizational thrust in Saskatchewan. He will be an energetic contributor to the National Council of FVC. It will be a boon for the prairie region to have active participation on the Council, but Gord’s skills will benefit the cross-Canada movement for electoral reform.

Please vote for Gord Hunter for the National Council of FVC. You will be doing us all a favour!

Don Mitchell


Fair Vote Canada, Saskatchewan Chapter.

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